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A one-on-one Cacao Journey to connect with your Inner Wisdom & uncover Clear Vision.

Where do I want to go?

How can I live my dream life?

What needs to change?

What needs to be released?

What fuels me? What am I good at?


During 3 powerful private sessions, supported by the spirit of Cacao, you will get crystal clear on the questions above. We will work with the energy of the Moon Cycles, use different tools for a clear vision that is truly yours, tools to release & cleanse energetically, to anchor in your new clarity and plant seeds for your new life.

Do you want to find Clarity?

Why this can help you right now

If you are at a point in your life where you:​​

  • Are not certain of where to go or how to move forward

  • Do not really know what you want out of life

  • Are not clear about your goals

  • Feel lost

  • Are at a crossroads

  • Are facing some major life changes

  • Want a change but are not sure in which way

  • Are ready to step into your power

  • Feel that you are made for more​

This is not for you, if you are any of the below:
  • Unwilling to make changes in your life

  • Already crystal clear on your goals & dream life

  • Comfortable in a victim role

  • Happy with playing small

  • Happy to keep your blockages & self-sabotage programs

  • Living your best life to the fullest

Who am I?

My name is Patricia Grimaldi. Ever since I came in contact with Ayurveda over 12 years ago I have been on a deep dive into a yogic life, the search for truth and a path of healing. 

After completing a Hatha Yoga Training in India, I founded Sapana Yoga in 2015. My search led me to take many different trainings in Ayurveda, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Akashic Records, Bhakti Yoga, Transformational Facilitation, Breathwork, Vegan Nutrition, Coaching & more. 


Along the way I found Cacao or better, she found me. I attended many ceremonies in Spain, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica & Guatemala, eventually started to offer ceremonies myself and last year trainings on how to lead Cacao Ceremonies.


When the call came to share this powerful medicine in my one-on-one coaching programs, I could not have been more excited.

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I have always been called to keep on transforming and share what I learn along the way. To find my inner truth, to find clarity on where I want to be in life & to follow my heart and intuition, to share my experience, knowledge, wisdom, magic and in this case the powerful medicine of Cacao with you.

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Are you ready for Clareza?
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