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April 7th

Full Moon
Cacao Ceremony

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We have a powerful Full Moon in libra coming up.


It is nestled between to Aries New Moons and the Full Moon before diving into Eclipse season: The perfect time to take stock:

  • Is there something or someone we want to release, let go of?

  • Are we playing small in some areas in our lives?

  • Do we need to set (stronger) boundaries in our relationships (personal or professional)?

  • Where in our lives could we need more lightness & ease?

  • Are you facing big shifts or challenges in your life?

  • You have lost your focus & seek clarity?

We are going to look at all of these together. Through rituals, cord cutting, movement, working with the breath & tuning into our inner wisdom. All supported by the magic & power of Cacao.

We will start this Ceremony at 7pm CEST (Europe) | 11am CST (Costa Rica).

Don't worry if you can't make it, you will get a replay of the Ceremony so you can do it in your own time.

You will need to prepare your own Cacao beforehand & you can join the Facebook Group Shankara Experience for guidelines, recipes & sources where to order the cacao & questions you might have.

Do you feel called to expansion & growth?

The suggested energy exchange is 22 - 33 Euro. It can be less or more, you know what feels good and what you can give :-)

You can transfer it to:


Patricia Grimaldi

ES35 2100 0676 6902 0015 8350


or use Friends & Family on PayPal:

and then register below:

Join Our Online Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

Attend from your own home!

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