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Yin Yoga
50hr Teacher Training

February 3 - 9th, 2024


Are you a yoga teacher looking to venture out into the world of Yin Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine? You want to be able to offer your students a more restorative & passive yoga style? You want to learn about a yoga style that is inclusive and can be tailored to every student? Then you have found the right training. 


Join us on a journey through juicy, nourishing & restorative poses, the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with deep insights into meridians, energy & life principles, the elements and much more. You will learn how to implement them not only in your practice and your teaching but also in daily life.

"Balance is not something you find. It is something you create." Jana Kingsford

Yin Yoga


Yin Yoga is a combination of classical Indian Yoga, Chinese philosophy, Daoist principles & Western science. A class usually consists of a series of long-held, passive floor poses. By stretching and deepening into poses, blockages of Qi (life force energy) in the Meridians (energy channels) are released allowing the energy to flow freely again.

Yin Yoga targets the deep connective tissues and is quite meditative. In holding the poses for a longer period of time rarely-used tissues can be reached, you are given space to turn inwards and heighten the awareness of any sensations in the physical & energetical body. Stored emotions, tensions & stress can be released during this practice while it also supports the process of to breathing through discomfort and staying present in stillness.

Yin Yoga helps to practice awareness, surrender & mindfulness.


Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine is an ancient health science based on the belief that the body can heal itself. TCM thinks holistically, health is seen as a balance on all levels. It combines herbs, nutrition, body movement, body therapy and Accupuncture to bring the system back into a healthy balance.

TCM understands that every person needs individual treatment tailored to their needs, diversity and uniqueness. There is no template thinking. Health means living according to one's own nature in harmony with the environment: an inner balance that is reflected on the outside. The TCM system is designed for immediate and practical use in everyday life.


The meridian system forms the basis for this. The 12 main meridians not only affect us on a physical level, they also describe the different principles and levels in life. These need to be harmonized in order to live healthily. We can use the meridian system to gain insights regarding our health and well-being, allowing us to take responsibility for our lives and make the changes needed.

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What to expect:


In this 50hr Teacher Training you will not only learn about the typical Yin Yoga poses but also gain a deep understanding of our body's meridian system. You will be able to recognise connections between psychological & physical imbalances and learn how to use your knowledge of meridians in your yoga classes, being able to support your students on an individual level.


You will get deep insights into the basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the five elements, life principles, Qi and much more. You will learn how to balance the elements in every day life and offer advice to your students to do the same.


You will study some important acupressure points to be able to instruct your students in self- application and bring something special to your classes.

What you will learn:

  • Basic Yin Yoga poses & variations

  • Philosophy of Yin Yoga 

  • Understanding the effects of the Yin Poses 

  • Learning to embody the Yin quality in our lives & listen inwards

  • Practicing stillness, receptivity, compassion, acceptance & self love

  • Being able to create & hold a safe space

  • Insights on the unique anatomical structures 

  • Adjustments & variations for different body types using props 

  • Basics of Traditional Chinese Medicine (meridians, life principles, Qi, elements etc)

  • Creating Yin Yoga sequences & classes

  • Understanding a holistic principle of body, mind & lifestyle 

  • How to balance the energy in specific meridians 

  • Identifying patterns & belief systems and how to shift them in a positive way with TCM

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Patricia Grimaldi


Ever since she came in contact with Ayurveda a decade ago, when at a crossroads, Patricia has been on a deep dive into a yogic life, the search for truth and the path of healing.


After completing a Hatha Yoga Training in India, she founded Sapana Yoga in 2015 (which then transitioned into Shankara Experience when she & her husband moved to Costa Rica last year). Her ongoing search led her to take many different trainings like Ayurveda, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Akashic Records, Bhakti Yoga, Transformational Facilitation, Aerial Yoga, Vegan Nutrition, Coaching & more. She now holds more than 800hrs of Training.

The many studies with spiritual teachers around the world and her constant search for Truth have helped her to undertake deep transformation, live a life dedicated to the spiritual journey and share all this knowledge with others in her classes, retreats and trainings.

Learn more about Patricia & Gabriel on her Blog or Instagram.

Sonja Spitzbart


Sonja, a shiatsu practitioner (in training since 2020) and coach since 2015, started her yoga journey in 2010.

By profession, she is a social worker and has worked with many people with psychiatric, post traumatic and psycho somatic disorders. 

As Sonja felt the calling for deeper knowledge & understanding of wellbeing, she started the Teacher Training journey in 2019. The curiosity for Traditional Chinese Medicine started about the same time. During her Shiatsu practitioner training Sonja gained a deep understanding of the meridians.


Knowing about the energetics & life principles of the meridians has given her the opportunity to see the human body as a story of the soul that wants to express itself in the material world. Sonja loves to share her knowledge about how to discover blockages & imbalances and her big toolkit on how to improve the energy flow.


"People reside within qi and qi resides within people. From heaven and earth down to the ten thousand things, each one requires qi to live." Ge Hong

What's part of this Training?

  • 6 nights of accommodations

  • 3 daily fresh, healthy, vegan meals

  • Water & Tea

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation Classes

  • All lectures & workshops

  • A detailed manual

  • Cacao Ceremony & Ritual

  • 50hr YACEP Certificate

  • Click here for the Full Schedule (can differ slightly)

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This Yin Yoga 50hr Teacher Training takes place in the jungle of Costa Rica surrounded by peace and nature. For more information on the Retreat Center click here.


All meals will be vegan and mostly sattvic, according to yogic philosophy.

This Yoga Teacher Training is a perfect option if you:

  • want to offer nourishing Yin Yoga classes to your students 

  • want to learn how to implement Traditional Chinese Medicine in your yoga classes

  • are looking to embody Yin qualities in your life & share them with others

  • are looking for an intimate & high quality training (max. 10 participants) in a lush & tropical environment with high vibe nutrition

This week will not only be a Yoga Training to get your required hours of Yoga Alliance Continuing Education but also to immerse yourself further into a Yogic Life.



Early Bird

2299 $ per person in single Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms

1599 $ per person in single Glamping Tipi with shared bathrooms

1399 $per person in shared room for 2 or in double Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms


2499 $ per person in single Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms

1699 $ per person in single Glamping Tipi with shared bathrooms

1499 $per person in shared room for 2 or in double Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms

The price includes the whole program, accommodation, food/beverages & YACEP certificate. Flights, transfers and travel & health insurance are not included. Transport from and to the airport can be arranged for an extra fee. Spots are limited to 10 participants. You will have the opportunity to book personal Shiatsu treatments at a discounted price.

You can find our location & all information on Shankara Retreat Center here

​We are very much looking forward to sharing our path with you!

Love & light,

Patricia & Sonja



​"My training with Patricia & Gabriel was so beautiful. I experienced a profound transition within my self and a deep connection to my heart. The love and dedication received on this course was overwhelming. A highly recommended training for self reflection, self awareness, heart opening and complete dedication to the practice."

Faye, Yoga Teacher & Musician

"The week long teacher training with Patricia & Gabi was pure magic. I reconnected with a deep sense of love and presence in my heart. I left the training feeling like I had gained new friends for life. The yoga classes, meditations & Kirtans were profound and professional and deeply transformative. I would do this any time again."

Michelle, Yoga Teacher & Musician

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