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Gratitude & Abundance


Dec 29th, 2024 - Jan 3rd, 2025

  • Are you looking for something special this New Year's Eve?

  • Do you feel called to end the year 2024, all its stories, experiences & lessons with reflection & mindfulness?

  • Do you want to call in something big for the New Year?

  • Are you called to create a powerful start into 2025 & make your dreams come true?

Conscious Creation & Manifestation for 2025

In this New Year's Retreat we will dive deep into the power of gratitude & honor what this year has given us. We will bring the year 2024 to a close in a conscious & mindful way setting the tone for a powerful 2025. With different tools like Yoga, Meditation, Coaching Practices, Vision Board Creation, Psychodrama, Sound Journey, Kirtan & Cacao Ceremony we will clear out the old & raise our vibrations for an empowered new adventure in the new year..

By leaving this year behind on a positive note, dipping into emptiness & creating space for the new, we invite the New Year in with our full power & focused intention. A retreat to manifest your dreams into reality.

We will start with grounding, with time for introspection and reflection, looking at your limiting beliefs and how they held you back in some ways in 2024. With a clean slate, you will spend the second last day of the year in silence: the inner space is clean, your internal drive emptied and thus full of storage space for the new experiences 2024 holds in store for you. 

From this empty space full of possibilities, you will invite in what you want to manifest for the year to come. The last day of the year will be fully focused on this powerful intention. The experience coming to a peak in the evening with a very special “Manifest the New You” Party. For this party you will all arrive as your future version and stay in character the whole evening, supporting each other and creating strong manifestation vibrations together. And of course, have some fun.

The first day of the New Year will be all about creating the circumstances for the life you want, calling it in with meditations, rituals, practices, and a vision board workshop. We will anchor in the vibrations of an empowered New Year with special exercises for you to spread your wings and fly into the New Year full of anticipation, excitement, and strength.

This is a retreat for those of you who feel called to take responsibility of their creative forces & channel them to design a powerful, blissful & magical New Year.

"The key to manifestation is that when the doors of opportunity open, you have to walk through them."

Are you ready to take that step?


Patricia Grimaldi


Ever since I came in contact with Ayurveda a decade ago when I was at a crossroads I have been on a deep dive into a yogic life, the search for truth and the path of healing.


After completing a Hatha Yoga Training in India, I founded Sapana Yoga in Mallorca, Spain, in 2015. My search led me to take many different trainings like Ayurveda, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Akashic Records, Bhakti Yoga, Transformational Facilitation, Vegan Nutrition, Coaching & more.


I have always been called to keep on transforming & finding my inner truth, to find clarity on where I want to be in life & to follow my heart and intuition. 


This has led me to study with many spiritual teachers around the world. They helped me to uncover my true nature, advance along my path, undertake deep transformation, live a life dedicated to the spiritual journey & eventually open a Retreat Center with my beloved in the jungle of Costa Rica.

Learn more about me & Gabriel on my Blog or Instagram.

Gabriel Grimaldi


I started on the path of yoga 9 years ago with the aim to find balance and wellbeing.


The more I practiced the more I wanted to know. This lead me to travel all over the world trying different yoga styles and practicing with many teachers until I found a path that resonated with me: Jnana Yoga, the path of knowledge.

I was introduced to self-inquiry and Ramana Maharshi’s teachings by Mooji in India and recognized the truth of it immediately: going deep into the “I am” sense in the search of our true nature.  

I have been in the search of truth from a very young age and the path of yoga exposed that truth in a clear way, in a way that I could understand. 


This is what I would like to share with you at our Retreats & Trainings here at Shankara Retreat Center in Costa Rica. Let me help you find your truth along your path. 


December 29
13:00 Arrival
Grounding & Reflection Circle

17:00 Yin Yoga & Meditation
18:30h Dinner & Sharing Circle

December 30
07:30 Yoga & Meditation
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Limiting Beliefs Workshop

13:00 Lunch & Rest

14:00 Limiting Beliefs Workshop
18:00h Dinner & Kirtan

December 31 
07:30 Yoga & Meditation
09:00 Breakfast
13:00 Lunch & Rest

17:00 Yin yoga & Meditation
19:00h Dinner & Breaking the Silence

January 1
07:30 Yoga & Meditation
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Clarity & Inner Wisdom Workshop
13:00 Lunch & Rest
15:00 Voice Activation & Cacao Ceremony
17:00 "Manifest the New You Party", Dinner, Kirtan, Soul Songs & Sound Journey

January 2
07:30 Yoga & Meditation
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Vision Board Creation
13:00 Lunch &  Rest

15:00 Anchoring in New Beliefs Workshop

17:00 Meditation

18:00 Dinner, Sharing & Fire Circle

January 3

07:30 Yoga & Meditation

09:00 Breakfast

10:00 Closing Circle & Spreading your Wings


  • Daily Meditation and Yoga Classes

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • "Manifest the New You" Workshop

  • Vision Board Workshop

  • Kirtan

  • Sound Journey

  • Gestalt & Psychodrama workshop

  • Voice Activation

  • 3 fresh and healthy Vegan Meals per full day

  • 5 nights accommodation

  • & much more

  • Retreat Center Info here


If you feel, this is exactly what you are looking for, don't hesitate! We have a limited number of spots available as we want to keep it intimate & high quality.

This Retreat can also be booked without accommodation. You can find our location and more information on Shankara Retreat Center here.

We are looking forward to this very special celebration & manifestation of the New Year & New You!



Early Bird until August 1st

1899 $ per person in single Glamping Tent or Private Room(book here)

1299 $ per person in single Glamping Tipi (book here)

1099 $per person in shared room for 2 or in double Glamping Tent(book here)


2199 $ per person in single Glamping Tent

1499 $ per person in single Glamping Tipi

1299 $per person in shared room for 2 or in double Glamping Tent

The price includes accommodation, the whole program and food/beverages on the selected day. Flights, transfers, accommodation and travel & health insurance are not included. Transport from and to the airport can be arranged for an extra fee. Spots are limited.

​Looking forward to sharing this unique experience with you!

Love & light,

Patricia & Gabriel




​"Since the retreat, I have become a kinder, lighter soul. I feel more connected to my surroundings, more creative and able to connect with the life I feel capable of living. I learned to really fall in love with myself, to believe that I am capable of creating the life I dream of having. I accepted parts of me that I have previously hidden from, and in doing so am helping change the parts I no longer find true anymore.Patricia and Gabriel are incredibly special souls, both as individuals and as a couple! Patricia embodied sunshine. Whenever she arrived to a space, whether it be to yoga, a workshop, or breakfast, I felt immediately supported and guided towards the warm, joyous frequency she naturally vibrates from. Gabriel embodied a sense of tranquility I'd like to find more of within myself."

Rachel R.

"This retreat taught me practical tools I can implement in my life and it gave me a new perspective. I'm able to see the positive in places I previously was unable to (like at work). The retreat also made my aspirations for my future feel more within my reach. After 3 months I've already began setting into motion (or perhaps calling in) some of the things I desired to manifest over the next 3 years, and that makes me very excited and happy! I became more aware of some of the negative self-talk patterns that run through my thoughts. I gained more confidence (and decrease my anixieties) around my future. "

Alyssa S.

  • Is this retreat for everyone?
    Yes and No. This retreat is only for people who are willing to take responsibility for the lives, make some changes and do the transformation.
  • I have a medical condition or injury, can I join?"
    It really depends. Please ask your medical doctor/physician and get in touch with us to see if it is possible for you to attend depending on what your personal condition is.
  • I do not have any experience in yoga, can I join?"
    Yes. If you are eager to learn, if you are able to move, if you are open and want the transformation, then you are welcome to join.
  • What happens if I have to cancel?
    We have a cancelation policy: - If you cancel up to 30 days before the start date you get 90% of your money back - If you cancel up to 15 days before the start date you get 60% of your money back - If you cancel up to 8 days before the start date you get 30% of your money back - If you cancel 8 - 0 days before the start date you get 10% of your money back We recommend you to make a travel & health insurance for this trip as it will make it easier for you in times of Corona craziness ;-)
  • Will I have to attend all activities on the schedule?
    Yes! This is not a pool or beach holiday. This is an Immersion. You are joining because you want change. And change needs commitment. Of course special needs or situations are taking into consideration.
  • What food will you serve?
    The food is plant based & refined sugar free. It is fresh, mostly organic, high quality, not much gluten and as natural as possible. We can cater to most intolerances so let us know beforehand.

For any questions or doubts, please send us an email.

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