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Isn't this a magical number? This is why I decided to publish my blog today. And... because of the peak of the Aquarius Stellium and... the Aquarius New Moon and ... the Lunar New Year. Sounds like the perfect day for a ritual! Let me tell you why and how.

Did you know that for the Chinese the New Year starts today? Instead of aligning the year with the solar cycle, they align it with the lunar. There is more though to this Friday: 12.02.2021 a magical number. And let us not forget the peak of the Aquarius Stellium. Am I talking in riddles?

The Aquarius Stellium is the aligning of 6 planets in Aquarius. You might have heard of the age of Aquarius? Well, it looks like we are in it big time. Having so many planets in one sign means potent energy. In this case it is amplified by the New Moon being in Aquarius as well. An energy full of awakening, innovation, ideas, new beginnings and heart-felt connections.

It invites us to embrace all the change that has been coming our way or that is still facing us. To step into our power. To live our full potential, to choose freedom, to stop holding back. To live the life we always wanted. To honor each other, to appreciate community, to open our hearts, to shine our light & to let go of all the limitations that stop us from doing so. Let us use the power of this day in a magical ritual.

In China people have beautiful rituals to celebrate the New Year. This year they celebrate the year of the Metal Ox. I would like to share some of their rituals with you. I have adapted them so that they are apt for you to do them at home, wherever in the world that might be. I call them actions. After the "actions" I will also share a ritual with you.


  • clearing out all the clutter, the old, everything that you do not need any more; let go of everything that takes up space and blocks energy (maybe not like in the Ikea ad where they throw the christmas trees out the window); give it away, someone might need it

  • buy something new; I am not a fan (anymore) of buying just for the sake of buying something new. If there is something you needed to buy anyway, go out and get it (even if it is bread).

  • get together with your loved ones and have a conscious, home-made, beautifully decorated meal with family and/or friends

  • give gifts; once again there is not need to buy something here. Maybe there is something you do not need any longer and give it to a neighbor? Or give a flower to your friend? Or you just smile to people on the street and brighten up their day? Or you make someone a compliment? Or help someone? There is many ways to give gifts. Choose the one that works for you.


New moons in general are a great time for rituals, for manifesting, setting intentions and for new beginnings. Rituals are a beautiful ways to center ourselves, to bring attention to what we want to let go and what we want to invite into our lives. To connect deeper to our inner voice, to become aware of that inner guidance we always have but not always realize and to find clarity and start manifesting it.

  • start by smudging your whole place and clearing it of old energy (sage, palo santo, incense, whatever you got ;-))

  • prepare the place where you want to do the ritual, it should be somewhere where you can be undisturbed for a bit, make it cozy, prepare your space/alter with some candles, maybe your favorite crystal(s), oracle cards,... and have your journal, a paper, a pen and a little bowl with water at hand.

  • put on mantras, binaural beats or any other kind of music that helps connect you to your inner world

  • you can also use ceremonial cacao or ceremonial tea (make a ceremony out of it)

  • start with a meditation, allowing you to arrive in the safe & magical space you created, grounding you and focusing on the present moment

  • focus on what has been holding you back, what needs to change and write it on the piece of paper; fold it, hold it and while holding it into the candle imagine how the burden is being taken off of you, then throw the burning paper into the water

  • in China people paste the character “fu” on the gates or their furniture to invite good fortune and happiness: do this now in your mind. Focus on inviting good fortune and happiness. Maybe you need to journal first what good fortune and happiness actually mean to you? Meditate on it, write it down and then visualize it.

  • you can envision what true happiness would look like for you in 3 months, 12 months or 3 years from now; go write it down as if it had already happened.

  • what would you like to manifest on such a magical special day with the energy and power of the planets supporting you? Go and dream big. Write it all down.

  • now mediate on welcoming these new things into your life; feel how you are getting ready for a new beginning; allow the sensations of a big shift fill you and meditate on the beauty of it.

  • To end your ritual you can have yourself an oracle card reading (if you do not own any oracle cards, you can do an online reading here.)

  • Allow yourself to stay in that magical energy a bit longer, maybe you also want to sing, dance, journal some more, draw, whatever feels good. Only when you are ready, leave the space (and blow out the candles ;-))

Be especially aware of the next twelve days as they are said to represent the 12 months to come. Stay focused on what you want to invite into your life, replace limiting and negative thoughts with positive ones that support your vision. Do things that you love doing, take time to rest, practice gratitude for what you have, trust in the abundance that sustains us and keep on manifesting your dream life. If you don't have time to do the ritual today you can also find some time during the next 12 days to do it.

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