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Aries Full Moon Ritual

The upcoming Hunter Full Moon on October 9 will be a fierce one.

Aries the first sign in the Zodiac, governed by Mars, the warrior, & will bringing in some fire energy.

Fire to burn obstacles & blockages that keep us form walking our path and fulfilling our dreams. Fire to follow those passions.

Aries is the sign of getting started, taking action & taking charge. While it is an invigorating, passionate & powerful energy full of courage & momentum, it is also volatile, heated energy that can have us feel frustrated, angry and even reaching our limits.

This Full Moon invites us to claim our inner power & overcome the obstacles in our path making our soul’s journey a priority.

It invites us to stop the habits and behaviors that don’t serve us any longer. Let go of all the self-imposed limitations. It invites us to move forward with courage & commitment on the path of our soul. It might not be an easy journey. It is worth it though. The longer you keep postponing the alignment of your actions with your heart’s desires, the stronger the feelings of restlessness, impatience, and frustration will be.

Whenever we have strong fiery energy like this, we have to channel it into movement & change, not staying stuck in stagnation.

This Full Moon will highlight all the parts of our life where we are not in alignment with our purpose which can feel intense, challenging and shake us up fiercely.

How to work with this fierce energy?

  • Move! When energy stagnates the feeling of restlessness and frustration increases. Go out in nature, walk, run, surf, go to yoga classes, dance,… just move! You can find a playlist with some movement guidance here.

  • If anger comes up, channel it into something productive. After letting it out in a healthy way, take action. Maybe you need to set some boundaries in your relationships? Maybe you need to take action regarding this soul project of yours?

  • Practice compassion and forgiveness. Towards yourself and others. Staying in resentful and angry takes away your fire and energy. Forgiving is one of the most healing practices you can do, more so on a Full Moon where letting go is always easier.

"Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Buddha

Letting go on this Full Moon will also be supported by Chiron, the wounded healer, who will be in Aries as well. Chiron has faced his wounds, accepted them, surrendered & through this work he has found power, wisdom & healing which allow him to help others take this journey.

Our wounds can give us our greatest gifts if we learn to accept & transcend them.

We will have the fierce warrior energy of Aries & the peaceful warrior energy of libra season to support us.

Full Moon Ritual

Make sure to set aside at least half an hour where you won’t be disturbed.

Find a peaceful place in your home or nature and if you wan’t to you can prepare the space with some incense, your favorite crystals, candles and any objects that are meaningful to you. Bring a cleansing tool (Sage, Palo Santo,…) your journal & a pen.

If you want to make this ritual into a Cacao Ceremony you can find a recipe for the Cacao in the Shankara Experience Community here.

  • Take a moment to arrive, ground yourself, do a little centering mediation for yourself or click here for a guided Full Moon Meditation.

  • Once you feel in a peaceful state, start asking yourself these questions and write down the answers in your journal: (If you are adding Cacao, now would be the time to drink it :-))

  • Where in your life are you blocking yourself? Not following your purpose? Limiting beliefs? Where do you need to make changes? Maybe be more selfish (Aries!!) Where do you need to set boundaries? What do you need to let go to live your purpose

  • Notice the first answers that appear. Do not overanalyze them just allow them to come from your intuition and write them down. When you have answered these questions just sit and feel. If any emotions come up, let them, see them, feel them. Maybe insights appear: write them down in your journal.

  • Take your cleansing tool and imagine what you need to let go of, the blockages and obstacles. While you read them out loud, pass the cleaning tool all around your body and repeat: “I am ready to let go. I let go of all blockages and obstacles. I allow myself to heal. I am ready to follow my purpose. I allow myself to be limitless.”

  • Repeat this for everything you have written down.

  • Once you have finished take a moment and feel into it again. Observe & again write down anything noteworthy.

  • If you want to, you can ask for guidance & pick an Oracle Card (if you don’t own a deck, Colette has a free online version).

  • At the end consciously end the ritual and make the commitment to yourself to follow through with letting go and overcoming these obstacles. Ganesha Mantras like this one can help you as Ganesha is known as the remover of obstacles.

After the ritual allow for some time to integrate before you go on with your day.

This full Moon can help you understand your purpose more deeply & create a life full of passion, enjoyment & fulfillment if you let it.

Happy Hunter's Full Moon!



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