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Conscious Relating

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11 - 13 Feb | Costa Rica

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How do you relate with others? How do others react to you?
Can you show yourself fully? Or are you hiding parts of you?
Are you truly authentic? Or is it scary to be that vulnerable?

These and many more are questions that will be raised at our Conscious Relating Event. This event is for everyone, not only couples.

You can attend fro 1 day, 2 days or the whole weekend. You can also stay at the retreat venue: we have 2 cabins with space for 8 people to stay. Number of participants in total is limited to 10.

We will have Workshops, Exercises, Dance, Breath work, Embodiment Practices & Meditations regarding trust, boundaries, conscious communication, awareness, anger/passive aggressiveness, constructive feedback, limiting beliefs & hooks which keep us stuck in recurring relationship patterns. Some of the methods will have aspects of Gestalttherapy, Constellation Work & Osho Meditations.

All our relationships are mirrors and give us an opportunity to heal. We are constantly relating, either with others or with ourselves. To be conscious means to be fully present & aware.


The first step to conscious relating is awareness of our own (unrealistic) expectations, masks, limiting beliefs, patterns, desires & past experiences.


When we start facing our own shadows and working through our stories, dropping outdated beliefs & patterns our relationships will start to shift. The more conscious we become around ourselves, the more conscious our relating will be. 

This is what this weekend is all about: becoming more aware of where we are still stuck, using tools to let go, to move a step forward and to start opening up to conscious and authentic relationships where we don't have to hide, where there are no masks and there is no judgement. Only truth, authenticity and vulnerability. This is for the brave ones only ;-)

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Friday, 11 Feb

2pm Arrival
3pm Intro, Sharing Circle, Conscious Communication, Fear/Boundaries, Constructive Feedback & Listening
7pm Dinner, Connecting & Sharing Circle

Saturday, 12 Feb

7am Dynamic Meditation 
9am Breakfast
10am Limiting Beliefs Workshop
1:30pm Lunch
3:30pm Relationship Hooks & Journaling
5pm Impulse Dance
6:30pm Dinner, Connecting & Sharing Circle

Sunday, 13 Feb

7am Movement Lab & Chakra Breathing
8:30am Breakfast
9:30am Relationship Exercise
10:30am Trust Exercise
11:30am Closing & Sharing

Conscious Relating
Who is guiding this event?

Patricia and Gabriel have been together for over 12 years. Over time the relationship and their lives in general transformed from an unconscious one with unhealthy patterns into a conscious one where both share their truth, can be fully authentic & support each other in their constant evolution, both, together & apart.

While Gabriel will be in charge of some yummy nourishing vegan food to support the process, Patricia will be the one leading the workshops & exercises.
"Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed." Thich Nhat Hahn
Patricia finished her degree in tourism economics but realized very soon that this wasn't her jam. She started to to train in many disciplines that were close to her heart over the years: different Yoga styles, Qi Gong, TCM, Ayurveda, Reiki & Akashic Records. 
Her work in the corporate work occupying a leadership role in the last years offered her the opportunity to receive countless communication, psychological & leadership workshops and trainings. 
One of her most impactful trainings was with Gaia Ma in Costa Rica. This training and her recent Coaching Education provided her with the last tools (for now ;-)) to complete her puzzle and offer retreats & events that dig deep & bring about transformative experiences.
Prices: (include all the meals)

Friday 20000 Colones (33 Dollars)
Saturday 45000 Colones (75 Dollars)
Sunday 20000 Colones (33 Dollars)

Full Weekend 75000 Colones (125 Dollars)

Full Weekend including accommodation 
Double Room: 210000 Colones (333 Dollars)
Cabin for 4: 140000 Colones (222 Dollars)

If you feel you could really need this event but do not have the financial means at the moment, please contact us.
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