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Empowered Woman

Patricia - by

Transformational Equinox Retreat

March 18 - 23rd, 2025

Join us for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, inspiration, and transformation set amidst the serene beauty of Costa Rica.


Our Transformational Women’s Retreat is a unique opportunity to focus on personal growth & transformation, growing your self-love & self-worth in unique ways. We will take you on a journey of self-discovery, expression, and embodiment practices that will help you find your true needs & wants. Join us and find the courage to unleash your inner goddess & becoming the empowered woman you are.

Are you ready to fully embody the powerful woman you already are?

Our retreat offers a harmonious balance of yoga sessions, transformational workshops, embodiment practices, breath work, women circles, voice expression, guided meditation, Cacao Ceremony & more to help you tap into your full potential and ignite your soul's spark.


Workshop Highlights:


Experience a profound transformational journey at our Transformational Women’s Retreat. It's designed to help you tap into your inner voice and connect with your true self. Listen to the Goddess within that lies dormant. You'll be empowered with new tools, including voice activation, embodiment practices, journaling promps, limiting beliefs exercises & more, to help you find your purpose and increase your self-worth. Join us and embrace your inner goddess fully!


Immersive Experiences:


We believe in offering a holistic experience that nurtures every aspect of your being. Alongside the transformative workshop, you will have the opportunity to participate in various immersive experiences, including:


Meditation, Yoga, Breathwork, Embodiment Practices & more: Deepen your connection with your inner voice and harness the power of mindfulness and movement to fuel your creative process. Explore Voice Activation & Throat Chakra exercises and Chakra Breathing breath work to unlock your authentic expression.


Cacao Ceremony: Experience the heart-opening properties of cacao in a ceremonial setting. This ancient practice enhances creativity, intuition, and emotional well-being, allowing you to access a deeper level of inspiration.


Fire Circle: Join our intimate gathering around the fire as we share stories, insights, and experiences. The Fire Circle is a sacred space where you can connect with fellow participants, exchange ideas, and further explore your creative journey.

Patricia - by

This is for you if you:


- Desire to tap into your dormant potential and unleash the Goddess Within

- Seek a transformative experience that combines yoga, meditation, breathwork, different workshops & Chakra work

- Want to connect with like-minded women and build connections for life

- Are open to exploring new techniques and approaches to enhance your daily life back home


This is not for you, if you:


- Are not interested in incorporating spiritual and mindful practices into your life.

- Seek a retreat solely for relaxation purposes without a specific focus on personal growth.

- Do not want to raise your self-worth & self-love


  • 5 nights of accommodations (Retreat Center Info here)

  • 3 fresh, healthy, vegan daily meals

  • Water & Tea & Morning Coffee

  • Yoga classesMeditations & Embodiment Practices

  • Transformational workshops

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Women's Circle

  • Fire Ceremony

  • Breath-work practices

  • A safe container with gentle guidance


Patricia Grimaldi


Ever since I came in contact with Ayurveda over 12 years ago I have been on a deep dive into a yogic life, the search for truth and the path of healing. 

After completing a Hatha Yoga Training in India, I founded Sapana Yoga in 2015. My search led me to take many different trainings like Ayurveda, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Akashic Records, Bhakti Yoga, Transformational Facilitation, Vegan Nutrition, Coaching & more. 

Along the way more than 5 years ago I found Cacao or let's say she found me. I attended many ceremonies in Spain, Bali, Thailand, Costa Rica & Guatemala and eventually started to offer ceremonies myself.

I have always been called to keep on transforming. To find my inner truth, to find clarity on where I want to be in life & to follow my heart and intuition. 

Now I am called to share my experience, knowledge, wisdom and magic with you.


Learn more about me on my  Instagram.

  • Connect to the deep and real you

  • A gorgeous & safe place for women to transform and step into their power

  • Come back to the spiritual and emotional wellbeing you want to live with

  • Let your Inner Goddess guide you

  • Be the Woman you always wanted to be

  • Powerful women as guest facilitator

Untitled design-105.png

If you feel, this is exactly what you are looking for, don't hesitate! Book your spot now!

This unique Women's Retreat includes many different transformational practices and ceremonies designed to unblock and let go what does not serve you. We will create space for transformation, find clarity on what you want, create new habits & practices and learn how to implement them in your daily life.

When I started to take responsibility for my live & ventured deeper within, my live changed radically. 


The transformation brought clarity, inner strength, focus, self-love, more health, & empowerment. You can do it, too. 

I will support YOU!


Early Bird until December 12th

1899 $ per person in single Glamping Tent or Private Room in Cabin with shared bathrooms (book here)

1399 $ per person in single Glamping Tipi with shared bathrooms (book here)

1199 $per person in shared room for 2 or in double Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms (book here)


2299 $ per person in single Glamping Tent or Private Room in Cabin with shared bathrooms 

1599 $ per person in single Glamping Tipi with shared bathrooms

1399 $per person in shared room or Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms 

The price includes the whole program, accommodation and food/beverages. Flights, transfers and travel & health insurance are not included. Transport from and to the airport can be arranged for an extra fee. Spots are limited to 10 participants.

You can find our location & all information on Shankara Retreat Center here

​Looking forward to sharing this unique experience with you!

Love & light,


Design ohne Titel-5.png
Design ohne Titel-5.png



​"As a yoga teacher I have experienced many retreats and this one really was very special. The location, the food and the programme was so carefully and lovingly planned, I felt supported, nurtured and transformed. Patricia and Gabriel created a safe space for deep and profound experiences."

Kate Caistor, 50, Yoga Teacher

"The retreat was powerful, inspiring, nourishing and soul defining. From the arrival to end, I loved every minute. The yoga, mediation and spiritual journey was incredible and the food delicious. I headed home happy and inspired."

Samantha Knight, 35, Interior Designer

  • Is this retreat for everyone?
    Yes and No. This retreat is only for people who are willing to take responsibility for the lives, make some changes and do the transformation.
  • I have a medical condition or injury, can I join?"
    It really depends. Please ask your medical doctor/physician and get in touch with us to see if it is possible for you to attend depending on what your personal condition is.
  • I do not have any experience in yoga, can I join?"
    Yes. If you are eager to learn, if you are able to move, if you are open and want the transformation, then you are welcome to join.
  • What happens if I have to cancel?
    We have a cancelation policy: - If you cancel up to 30 days before the start date you get 90% of your money back - If you cancel up to 15 days before the start date you get 60% of your money back - If you cancel up to 8 days before the start date you get 30% of your money back - If you cancel 8 - 0 days before the start date you get 10% of your money back We recommend you to make a travel & health insurance for this trip as it will make it easier for you in times of Corona craziness ;-)
  • Will I have to attend all activities on the schedule?
    Yes! This is not a pool or beach holiday. This is an Immersion. You are joining because you want change. And change needs commitment. Of course special needs or situations are taking into consideration.
  • What food will you serve?
    The food is plant based & refined sugar free. It is fresh, mostly organic, high quality, not much gluten and as natural as possible. We can cater to most intolerances so let us know beforehand.

For any questions or doubts, please send us an email.

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