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At the Hero's Journey, we believe that yoga and writing are powerful tools that can help you connect with your true self and unleash your creative potential. This retreat is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to delve into the depths of your being and express yourself through the written word. 

Yoga and Writing: Through the seamless integration of yoga and writing practices, you will embark on a transformative journey that combines movement, mindfulness, and literary exploration. 

Our retreat offers a harmonious balance of daily yoga sessions, writing workshops, embodiment practices, breath work, and guided meditation to help you tap into your creative flow and ignite your writing prowess. 

Unlock Your Book's Potential with the Hero's Journey: In our exclusive writing workshop, we delve into the power of the Hero's Journey framework as a guide for structuring your non-fiction book. This powerful storytelling tool, known for its 12 steps, will provide you with a solid foundation to shape your ideas, organize your content, and engage your readers. While our focus is on non-fiction, the principles can also be applied to fiction writing.

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Hero's Journey -
Yoga & Writer's Retreat

January 14 - 20th, 2024

Join us for an unforgettable journey of self-discovery, inspiration, and transformation at the Hero's Journey, a Yoga & Writer's Retreat, set amidst the serene beauty of Costa Rica. Craft the captivating structure of your book, chapter by chapter, while gaining invaluable insights into book marketing. Led by yoga instructor and holistic coach, Patricia Grimaldi, and best-selling author, CEO and Founder of Digital Authors, Wiebke Tasch, this retreat is designed to unlock your creativity and tap into your inner writer.

" I write to discover what I know." Flannery O'Connor

Wiebke Tasch


From the moment I first held a pen in my hand, my love for writing ignited within me. My journey began with working for a Swiss newspaper in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and later pursuing a Master's Degree at the esteemed Bauhaus University. However, it was the world of self-publishing that truly opened doors beyond my wildest imagination.


In 2018, I accomplished a significant milestone by self-publishing my first book. Shortly after its release (18 months), it quickly soared to the remarkable position of #51 on the German best-seller list. This achievement was a turning point that led me to make a bold decision - I quit my day job in a PR Agency in Berlin/Germany. It was during this transformative period that I wholeheartedly embraced writing as my true calling and transitioned into a full-time writer.


During the pandemic, I received numerous inquiries from aspiring authors seeking guidance on their own publishing journey. Inspired by their determination, I founded Digital Authors, a self-publishing company specializing in supporting non-fiction writers. Through Digital Authors, I've had the privilege of helping countless authors successfully publish their books, forever changing their lives.


I am very excited as we embark on this extraordinary writer's retreat, I am thrilled to share my expertise and passion with you on the Hero’s Journey. Please check my latest publication here. Together, we will delve into the depths of your creativity, unlock your writing potential, and discover the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.


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Patricia Grimaldi


Ever since I came in contact with Ayurveda over a decade ago, I have been on a deep dive into a yogic life, the search for truth and the path of constant growth.


After completing a Hatha Yoga Training in India, I founded Sapana Yoga in 2015. My search led me to take many different trainings like Ayurveda, Yin Yoga, Qi Gong, Akashic Records, Bhakti Yoga, Transformational Facilitation, Vegan Nutrition, Coaching & more.


I have always been called to keep on transforming. To find my inner truth, to find clarity on where I want to be in life & to follow my heart and intuition. This has led me to study with many spiritual teachers around the world.


I love to share all my knowledge & wisdom in my Yoga classes, workshops, ceremonies & more.

You can learn more about me on Instagram.

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  • Are an aspiring writer looking to create a structured non-fiction book.

  • Desire to tap into your creativity and unleash your writing potential.

  • Seek a transformative experience that combines yoga, meditation, and writing.

  • Want to connect with like-minded individuals and build a supportive community.

  • Are open to exploring new techniques and approaches to enhance your writing skills.



  • Prefer a traditional writing workshop that focuses solely on fiction writing or character development.

  • Are not interested in incorporating spiritual and mindful practices into your writing journey.

  • Seek a retreat solely for relaxation purposes without a specific focus on writing and personal growth.


Workshop Highlights:

During the retreat, our dedicated writing workshop will guide you through the step-by-step process of using the Hero's Journey to structure the outline of your book. Through interactive exercises, group discussions, and one-on-one guidance from our experienced instructors Wiebke, you will gain a deep understanding of how to effectively incorporate this framework into your writing.

Finding Your Readers and Book Marketing: 

In addition to crafting your book's structure, our workshop will explore essential strategies for finding your target audience and implementing effective book marketing techniques. Learn how to connect with your readers, identify niche markets, and create a marketing plan that amplifies your message. Unlock the secrets to successful book promotion and set yourself up for literary success.

Immersive Experiences: 

At the Hero's Journey, we believe in offering a holistic experience that nurtures every aspect of your being. Alongside the transformative writing workshop, you will have the opportunity to participate in various immersive experiences, including:


  • Meditation and Yoga: Deepen your connection with your inner voice and harness the power of mindfulness and movement to fuel your creative process. Explore Voice Activation & Throat Chakra exercises and Chakra Breathing breath work to unlock your authentic expression.

  • Cacao Ceremony: Experience the heart-opening properties of cacao in a ceremonial setting. This ancient practice enhances creativity, intuition, and emotional well-being, allowing you to access a deeper level of inspiration.

  • Fire Circle: Join our intimate gathering around the fire as we share stories, insights, and experiences. The Fire Circle is a sacred space where you can connect with fellow participants, exchange ideas, and further explore your creative journey.


  • 6 nights of accommodations (Retreat Center Info here)

  • 3 fresh, healthy, plant based daily meals

  • Water & Tea, Coffee in the morning

  • Daily Writing Workshop 

  • Teaching Materials, as Worksheets, Notebook, Book about Hero Journey

  • Daily Mediation

  • Daily Yoga

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Voice Activation & Throat Chakra 

  • Chakra Breathing breath work

  • Fire Circle

  • Your Book Presentation

  • Find full program here.

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Join us for the Hero's Journey Yoga & Writer Retreat and embark on a journey of self-discovery, inspiration, and creative expression. 


By the end of the retreat, you will have developed a solid structure for your non-fiction book and gained valuable insights into book marketing, paving the way for your journey as a published author and taking your business to new heights.

Reserve your spot today and unlock your writing potential!



4299 $ per person in a single room (cabin) with shared bathrooms

4299$ per person in single Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms

2499 $ per person in single Glamping Tipi with shared bathrooms

2399 $per person in shared room for 2 or in double Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms

1899$ per person Retreat only without accommodation (only 3 spots available)

Early Bird*

3999 $ per person in a single room (cabin) with shared bathrooms

3999$ per person in single Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms

2299 $ per person in single Glamping Tipi with shared bathrooms

2222 $per person in shared room for 2 (cabin) or in double Glamping Tent with shared bathrooms

1699$ per person Retreat only without accommodation (only 3 spots available)

*Early Bird Special - Reserve your spot by October 31, 2023, to unlock an exclusive discount and secure your place in this transformative retreat. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer!

The price includes the whole program, accommodation and food/beverages. Flights, transfers and travel & health insurance are not included. Transport from and to the airport can be arranged for an extra fee. Spots are limited to 12 participants.

You can find our location & all information on Shankara Retreat Center here

​We are looking forward to sharing this unique experience with you!

Patricia & Wiebke



​"As a yoga teacher I have experienced many retreats and this one really was very special. The location, the food and the programme was so carefully and lovingly planned, I felt supported, nurtured and transformed. Patricia and Gabriel created a safe space for deep and profound experiences."

Kate Caistor, 50, Yoga Teacher

"The retreat was powerful, inspiring, nourishing and soul defining. From the arrival to end, I loved every minute. The yoga, mediation and spiritual journey was incredible and the food delicious. I headed home happy and inspired."

Samantha Knight, 35, Interior Designer

  • Is this retreat for everyone?
    Yes and No. This retreat is only for people who are willing to take responsibility for the lives, make some changes and do the transformation.
  • I have a medical condition or injury, can I join?"
    It really depends. Please ask your medical doctor/physician and get in touch with us to see if it is possible for you to attend depending on what your personal condition is.
  • I do not have any experience in yoga, can I join?"
    Yes. If you are eager to learn, if you are able to move, if you are open and want the transformation, then you are welcome to join.
  • What happens if I have to cancel?
    We have a cancelation policy: - If you cancel up to 30 days before the start date you get 90% of your money back - If you cancel up to 15 days before the start date you get 60% of your money back - If you cancel up to 8 days before the start date you get 30% of your money back - If you cancel 8 - 0 days before the start date you get 10% of your money back We recommend you to make a travel & health insurance for this trip as it will make it easier for you in times of Corona craziness ;-)
  • Will I have to attend all activities on the schedule?
    Yes! This is not a pool or beach holiday. This is an Immersion. You are joining because you want change. And change needs commitment. Of course special needs or situations are taking into consideration.
  • What food will you serve?
    The food is plant based & refined sugar free. It is fresh, mostly organic, high quality, not much gluten and as natural as possible. We can cater to most intolerances so let us know beforehand.

For any questions or doubts, please send us an email.

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